About Us

Kokpit Tech is an organization that has developed the Field Management System with multiple management modules to meet the growing needs of the security industry. As a project of MGS Software, Kokpit is designed as a mobile application and web software to simultaneously record shift schedules, patrols, inspections, and visitor registrations for companies and businesses. With a wide sectoral distribution in the field of security services, Kokpit provides effective solutions to profit-oriented and non-profit organizations to track, assign, and efficiently control their personnel.

Kokpit Field Management System enhances your control in the field and offers a user-friendly interface with a flexible working schedule. It can easily integrate into company or business processes, allowing the addition of desired working hours, shifts, and customized tracking areas. With its customizable nature and hundreds of features consolidated into a single application, Kokpit stands out as a new standard in digitizing all of a business’s operations.

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Our vision

Kokpit aims to be the leader in the security industry in terms of quality, progress rate, and customer satisfaction integrated with technology and processes, through its effective software solutions. It strives to establish the most functional connection between the executive management team and the staff within the organization. It recognizes that providing better service relies on strong internal communication and robust management. In this context, it offers creative solutions that can streamline internal operations through management systems and enhance personnel tracking, control, and supervision in all operations.

Our mission

Our mission at Kokpit Tech is to provide security companies with the best and most comprehensive field management software that automates operations, scheduling, and back-office management, while continuously seeking growth and innovation. We take responsibility for meeting the standards and fulfilling our obligations to all our partners within the framework of collaboration. We understand the security concerns of the modern era in the field management domain and strive to execute our work in the best possible manner. With a strong and successful team, we aim to deliver excellence and cater to the evolving needs of the security industry.

Level Up in Field Operations Management with Kokpit Tech